Does your companion need a companion?

How to know when your companion needs a companion.

companion pup

We have all come home our beloved chihuahuas;

we walk in the door their tail wagging out of excitement to see us they jump nearly  slipping and falling on the tile floor. There tiny eyes are full of joy, and no matter how bad our day for a split second so are we. Ahem ( Clears throat) those are the really good days. 

On the other hand we have those not so great days. We walk in the door their tail is wagging ( much slower) and there tiny eyes are filled with suspicion.

You know something is up so you dash around the corner to find your living room in one piece except for the huge pile of doggie essence in the middle of your floor. No worries this is completely normal.

Poop guy

Ahem.( Clears throat again…this can’t be good) What do you do when you walk in the door and there is a slight wag or none at all because your adorable chihuahua is hiding under your desk? You REALLY know something is amiss so you dash around the corner to find your living room in shambles!

While cleaning up the many piles of doggie essence and scrubbing tiny paw prints off the sofa you start to wonder why your companion who has  A. never done this before and B. would do this to you. Consider this…maybe your companion needs a companion. 

Dog destroys living room

Here are a few signs:

Chewing- You come home, everything including the dog toy is shredded to pieces. He’s in some corner of the house sleep.

Barking/Whining- You pull in the driveway and you can hear your furry guy loud and clear. You think “Once I’m inside he’ll settle down, he just misses me”. You find that he doesn’t and continues until the next morning.

Following you around…Constantly- We love when our little guys follow us around, but when you accidently begin to trip over them all the time something is wrong. This could be with a toy in their mouth or without.

Dogs (especially chihuahuas) are more like humans then we give them credit for.

They are extremely social and hate being left alone for long stretches of time. For example, I have a Frenchie who follows me and can’t stand to be away from me for more than five minutes no matter what I do. On the other hand I have a chihuahua who only wants to be bothered when she wants to be bothered…( there is so much more to that story, but I’ll leave it there).

The idea is to know your companions limitations, and your schedule. If you’re a workaholic and are never home, maybe it’s time to invest in a second companion for your lonely companion, at least they can keep one another company.

Here are some other considerations:

Charlie brown

Give the dog to someone who has time for it: If I am coming across as crass, your right. Someone has to speak up for the adorable furry and also very lonely companions of the world. Put yourself in their paws, no one like to be lonely.

Keep them on a daily routine: If you know you will be gone for reasonable stretches make sure to include lots of exercise, a hour or even thirty minutes goes a long way and is better than nothing at all.

Doggy Daycare: I know here in Minnesota we have so many, but choose wisely. The stricter the intake process the better for your beautiful pup. They can offer everything from socialization classes to training, some even have doggy cams and you can check on your cutie pie while you work.

Written by Life Writez

dog and women


I hope you enjoyed this Chi-Chi Talks, please leave a comment. Swapping stories is also encouraged.

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2 thoughts on “Does your companion need a companion?

  1. I’ve considered a 2nd Chi, not knowing if it’s a selfish want of mine or a great, fun idea for myself AND Tino. On one hand I hate to interrupt the bond I presently have with T. Will another Chi intrude on our dynamic? On the other hand I so often see Chi’s in twos.. and while I spend a fair enough time with T he is very much a whiner, if I’m busy cleaning house he’s crying for me to come snuggle. Perhaps he’d appreciate another companion, just like I do in him!
    This being a future (1 – 3 yrs) thought, is there any age in a dog’s life when adding another to the family is a bad idea?
    I think being a dog owner is not only fun and full of love, but it’s a responsibility sometimes neglected. I want any addition to our family to be well thought out and planned for. You gave me the best gift I have in life, Tino. Figure why not go where this all started in the 1st place, for some advice on the subject. Too funny that it happens to be a topic fresh on your mind as well 😉


    1. Hi Meg, thank you so much for your comment and shared thoughts. I think anytime is a great time to add another Chi Chi, in your case I know for a fact that whining is not from abandonment at all, but instead he loves the time you guys spend so much that he wouldn’t mind just a lil more! Your the ideal when it comes to the doggie-dog mom life. I have to be honest about the dynamic, it can go one way or the other…remember these two will be like siblings, and we ALL know there are good and bad days. I suggest you bring in a pup if you make an addition to the family, that way Tino will show him or her the ropes like a big brother and the puppy will find comfort in him. Thanks again for commenting and if you decide, definetely reach out we would love to help you find another cutie pie😍🐶🐾


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