Butterfly’s Last Illness

Last week we explored the journey of greiving a pet. This week I am featuring the very talented Rachel Mankowitz post “Butterfly’s Last Illness”. This is the post which inspired last weeks “Invisible Grief- The Loss of a Companion”. I hope this touches you the way it did me. Enjoy. Thank you to you Rachel for allowing me to feature you:)



Four weeks ago, on a Wednesday night, Butterfly vomited white foam until she was empty. We had no idea what set it off. She’d been wheezing for a few days, instead of her regular coughing, but otherwise she was in the pink of health; especially since her hernia surgery two months before. Suddenly she was panting all night on the pillow next to my head. We were able to get her an emergency appointment at the clinic the next day and ended up seeing a doctor we’d never met before. She asked if Butterfly had eaten anything strange and we couldn’t think of anything she’d had access too, so she took an x-ray, and did blood tests, but she couldn’t find any explanation for the vomiting. She didn’t seem especially worried, though. She had the vet techs give Butterfly subcutaneous fluids and anti-nausea meds on the spot, and then…

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